Dallas Job Market: Improvements May Be On Horizon

Dallas Job Market: Improvements May Be On Horizon

November's unemployment rates seem to improve for the month of November. Although this is the time of the year where employers add on positions for retail sales, the seasonally adjusted numbers do so improvement in the Dallas job market, though not as good all areas of the state. For those living here, the question remains, where are the jobs in Dallas?

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas released information this week showing that the San Antonio area saw an improvement of about 1100 jobs allowing the unemployment rate in the area to fall to 7.2 percent, which is a 16 month low. In Dallas, the market saw an adjustment to 7.7 percent unemployment. The state overall has an unemployment rate of 8.1 percent where as the country has a rate of 8.6 percent. Austin had the lowest calculated rate drop to 6.8 percent.

Does This Mean Good Things?

Although the improvement in the Dallas job market remains positive information, not everyone is convinced that this is going to be the aggressive growth that the area needs. There are still thousands of people out of work and actively looking for new positions.

The rate of people gaining jobs is improving, which is a good sign that the area's businesses are likely to continue to add to the payrolls. How are you doing? Do you see yourself getting more interviews for positions? Some report still hundreds of people still are searching for jobs and often times they are competing for the same position.