Dallas Unemployment and Volunteering

Dallas Unemployment and Volunteering

Make a difference - and you might be able to make an income.

The Dallas unemployment rate was hovering around 8.5% before this past Holiday season. This is certainly not as bad as it could be, but it is also not welcome news to the many who are looking for jobs.

With the economy in shambles throughout the nation it is important to remember that this is something we will overcome - Dallas or otherwise. It is important at this time to keep a strong head on our shoulders and to look to the future for the opportunities that will present themselves. I have read stories about people throughout the the country who have been out of work for YEARS but the fact remains that there is always something out there we can do to better ourselves in these times.

If you are unemployed in the Dallas area keep applying for jobs - every single day, and while you wait find something meaningful you can do with your time. This will not only help you spiritually and emotionally - but it can be a financial advantage down the road when you put this experience on your resume, or you might even get a job directly from the organization. Volunteers are needed now more than ever at community organizations across the city (and state). See what you can do at one of your favorite non profits, at your church, or give your time at a local hospital to those who might be in greater need then yourself.

Don't know where to start? The Volunteer Center of North Texas has a wealth of opportunities and information to help!