December 2011

Dallas Job Market for 2012 to Look a Lot Like 2011

As the year ends, many are wondering and hoping for 2012 to be better than next year. As you end the year, are you thinking about ways to improve your ability to find a job in the Dallas job market? If so, you may be dealing with more of the same for 2012. Most of the experts say that the market will see added jobs but there may not be a lot of change from 2011.

What's to Look Forward To?

A look at the numbers for 2011 will show that there was job growth. Texas itself added 226,000 jobs through the month of November. That is an increase of 2.2 percent from the previous year. However, the state also saw a population increase. This combination led to the high 8.1 percent unemployment for the state in November.

Dallas Job Market: Tips for Being Accessible


For those who are looking for jobs in Dallas, job market indicators indicate that the city is on the move up in terms of new positions being added. However, for some individuals, these jobs will not come back in the same fields at the same levels as they were prior to 2007. However, Dallas, like other Texas cities are seeing improvements. If you are looking for a job here, though, there are steps you can take to improve your chances of being hired.

Dallas Job Market: Improvements May Be On Horizon

November's unemployment rates seem to improve for the month of November. Although this is the time of the year where employers add on positions for retail sales, the seasonally adjusted numbers do so improvement in the Dallas job market, though not as good all areas of the state. For those living here, the question remains, where are the jobs in Dallas?

Building Homes And Futures

In Dallas, the goal is to build a thousand homes to help those who need assistance through Habitat for Humanity. The goal is to have this done by 2014. This is not just a good thing for those that are struggling to find a place to live but will have a great effect on the community overall. In many areas where there is crime, poor education and an overall sense of apathy throughout the work of Habitat for Humanity has done much to raise morale and the overall state of the community.