February 2012

Dallas Jobs - Citizens Still Looking and Hoping

In Dallas, jobs are available and there are new opportunities occurring virtually every day. However, for many people, the right job is still not out there. The city does have a number of companies adding positions and compared to other areas of the country, Dallas is doing okay in terms of rebuilding after the financial downturn. But, is it enough? Many people are asking that question.

Jobs On the Rise Somewhere

Dallas Job Market Could Take Hit From American Airlines

American Airlines is the latest of the airline companies to announce cost-cutting methods to boost their numbers. The parent company of the airliner wants to shed some 13,000 jobs. That amounts to about 15 percent of its entire workforce nationwide. The goal for the company is to give itself a fighting chance as it pulls out of bankruptcy protection in the coming months.

Shedding Jobs Fast

In order to pull itself out of bankruptcy, American Airlines must find a way to reduce labor costs by as much as 20 percent. The company, which is the third largest in the United States, will begin working with its three unions to find where jobs will be cut. No specific positions were announced but the company did say it plans to slash worker and management jobs.