March 2012

Dallas Jobs Improving by the Numbers

In the month of January, there are clear improvements notable for the number of jobs employers are offering in the city of Dallas. Dallas is growing especially in the areas of high tech careers. The most recent information out there indicates that the number of jobs in Texas is up by 67,200 workers for the month, which is a sizable gain for the area. This is the 21 straight month that Dallas has seen improvements in the job market in terms of job growth.

According to reports, the state's unemployment rate is down to the lowest rate it has been at since April of 2009.In the Dallas Forth Worth Metro area, the number of jobs is also up. The current unemployment rate for the city metro area is 7.4 percent right now, but that is not seasonally adjusted like other numbers are. In January of 2011, the Dallas Forth Worth Metro area has an unemployment rate of 8.3 percent.

Dallas Job Market Hangs On

In the Dallas job market, there are many things impacting the way people are doing business. In many instances, there are employers who have amped up the hiring and are now putting more towards economic recovery. Others are not. Some companies worry that a set number of variables will lead to the reduction in the economic growth of the nation and the local region. This will hamper any job growth in the Dallas area. If you are looking for a job in Dallas, you will need to act quickly to ensure your position remains secure.