January 2019

FGM Now Criminalized in Ohio

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FGM isn't likely to be outlawed worldwide anytime soon, but it certainly is condemned by the majority of the world. It won't be until women are actually viewed as equals rather than property that it will come to end end, since it exists not as a way to affirm one's culture, as many are brought up to believe, but to simply control women and prevent them from having any pleasure during sex in order to keep them faithful to their husbands.

Incredible Animal Pupils

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Although we often discuss some strange and bizarre creatures here at Weird Animal Report, some of my favorites are just typical animals that have really weird characteristics. Remember when we talked about how horses' hooves look when they are born? That stuff is mind-blowing!

One-Pan Chicken

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My husband is the real chef around here, but he works 12-hour shifts so I often end up cooking. I'm not terrible at it, but I'm definitely not cut out for Ratatoille. In fact, I don't make a mess while I cook as if my life depends on it, which my husband laughs at me for doing! I'm just stuck with cleanup no matter who cooks, so when I do it I can at least control how bad it gets, right?

On Leatherworking

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Do you have any experience with leather tooling, sewing, stamping or other work? My teen is now quite interested in the subject and although I have zero experience, she has a bit. It turns out that Tandy Leather offers free classes if you purchase your own supplies, and they have several classes each month to choose from.

There are many different classes available in all of the skills she's interested in and more, and there's even a Leather Guild that meets monthly to complete a project with each other!

Facebook "Subreddits"

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Did you know that Facebook has "subreddits" of its own? If you're not a Reddit user, subreddits are lists branching off of an original topic that link to more specialized, specific topics. They can be a bit harder to find, but once you see them they may bring more joy into your life. For example, the feminist page Beauty Is Inside often posts about relevant topics of the day that can be rather depressing, especially if you identify as a woman.

Startling Harry Potter Revelations

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Harry Potter fans are well aware that Harry Potter Book Night is fast approaching on February 4, and many youth groups and schools have fun plans to celebrate the day, from games and activities to simply re-reading the wonderful series. Since the series ended, author J. K. Rowling has revealed many secrets about the world of Hogwarts, some on the website Pottermore and some on social media, others in her fabulous interviews.

Tea Sources Revealed

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In some ways, it's easier than ever to purchase ethical, fair trade drinks that you know are less intrusive on the planet and people than other varieties. In other ways, purchasing teas, coffees and other beverages is harder since that means you often have to give up what you love to make for a better planet! 

Nuclear Reactors 652 - Petntagon Seeking Help To Develop Small Mobile Nuclear Reactors For Military Deployments



Flag of the U.S. Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering

      The U.S. military often has to rush men and supplies to a remote area which may not have any conventional infrastructure. The military has to provide buildings, roads and bridges, food and water, weapons and munitions for thousands of men in such remote locations. There is a need for a reliable and portable energy sources which are currently diesel generators. U.S.

Lots of Life Inside the Planet

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When we think about all of the life that could live deep down in the planet, we don't often consider that much could live there. Why? It's way too dark and hot for anything to live or grow, right? It turns out that we're wrong, and the inside of the Earth is pretty much like it's own alien sister planet teeming with oodles of life. 

Cat and Dog Snuggling Cams

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Creature comforts ought to allude to the love of a beloved pet, shouldn't they? Since they instead mean things like running water and a clean bed, let's call the kind of comforting we get from our favorite animals critter comforts instead. Critter comforts are in high demand but luckily they're also easy enough to find from the comfort of your home, whether you have animal companions or not, since everyone and his uncle posts pictures and videos of dogs, cats and other pets all of the time. In fact, when was the last time you went a day without watching cat videos?