August 2019

Nuclear Reactors 710 - Four Major Japanese Nuclear Companies Are Joining Forces

     Japanese utilities Tokyo Electric Power Co. Holdings (TEPCO) and Chubu Electric Power (CEP) have joined together with nuclear reactor builders Hitachi and Toshiba to "create a framework for safe and efficient construction, operation, maintenance and eventual decommissioning of nuclear power plants.”

Nuclear Reactors 709 - Eighteen Nuclear Reactors Operating In The European Union Do Not Have Valid Licenses

    I have often mentioned the long and arduous process that is required to license a nuclear power plant in the U.S. The European Union has its own strict licensing process. Therefore, I was quite surprised to learn recently that there are eighteen operational nuclear power plants in the European Union that do not have valid licenses.

Radioactive Waste 406 - You Can't Stop A Hurricane With A Nuclear Bomb

      The U.S. Project Plowshares started in 1961 and ended in 1977. The purpose of the program was the application of nuclear warheads to peaceful civilian uses such as digging canals, creating underground chambers and nuclear research. The Soviet Union had a similar program called Nuclear Explosions for the National Economy.

Animal "Dating" Apps Used in Zoos

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If someone were to tell you that there were dating apps to help match animals together, you might think they were out of their mind. It seems ludicrous to want to match up animals on dating profiles. But when you think about what's at stake when it comes to maintaining an endangered species, the different qualities of that species become much more important. 

Caprese Chicken Bowls

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Whether it's too hot to cook a lot, or you want to keep it simple and keto, a chicken bowl is a great way to whip up a simple meal with lots of veggies. You can really add anything you want and make it as complicated or as simple as you prefer, depending on how much energy you want to spend on your meal.


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While many people think of pie as a holiday treat, it's really always a good time for pie, especially if you know where to get a good variety of it. At Pie, where you can enjoy meat, veggie and dessert pies, you can experience that very notion up close and personal through everything from English meat pies to good old fashioned pot pies.

Unicorn Cocktail

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How does tropical vodka with frozen lemonade sound to you? With candies, whipped cream and other goodies in it, is there any wonder why it's called a Unicorn Cocktail? This recipe even calls for the ultimate garnish--a waffle cone dipped with icing for the perfect edible "horn"!